Our Love Story: Part 2 – The First Meeting

If you’re new to the blog, be sure to start with Part 1 of our love story. The school year wrapped up and I headed up to Chicago to live with my Aunt and start my super exciting internship. The first week I was in town I called my future boss as instructed to set up a time for orientation.… Read more →

Our Love Story: Part 1 – Why I Moved to Chicago

Last week was National Marriage Week and Valentine’s Day. With all the love stories that flood social media and tv leading up to Valentine’s Day, I realized I haven’t shared my favorite love story with you yet. Time to fix that! Part 1 As a freshman in college, I refused to declare a major. I didn’t like to commit to… Read more →

Have you listened to the radio lately?

I turned 21 for the 11th time this week. If you’ll indulge me, I think this new age entitles me to one fun squashing, grown up rant. Have you listened to the radio lately? I didn’t know how out of touch I was with popular music until I Googled the phrases “turn down for what” and “turn up” after seeing… Read more →

The man with the holey pants

On a cold October morning I was walking briskly from the train station to my office, watching the ground in front of me so I didn’t trip on anything. #theclumsylife About half way there, I noticed a very thin man darting across the sidewalk. He looked confused and in a hurry, but like he wasn’t sure where he was going.… Read more →