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4 Things Angry People Can Teach You About Writing

1) It is important to speak your audience’s language.

Individuals cope with anger in different ways. Learn their coping style and you will be equipped to better communicate, calm them down, and eventually resolve the conflict.

How this applies to writing:
Learning about your audience and speaking their language will increase the chance that your message is received.

2) You don’t always have to reach an agreement.

Sometimes people are angry for reasons you don’t understand and maybe never will. In these scenarios, it is often best to agree to disagree and move on with your life.

How this applies to writing:
There are times when my opinion differs dramatically from those that need to give the final stamp of approval on the content I write. After making a case for my perspective, if they still disagree and I don’t have any moral or ethical reasons not to comply with their wishes, I move on in the direction they advise. After all, it is their project, paid for with their money. I may not add it to my portfolio or brag about it though! 😉

3) Remove yourself from the situation to see things clearly.

An angry person in the heat of the moment can rationalize acts or behaviors that would otherwise be unthinkable. If more people would remove themselves from hostile situations and take a few minutes to cool off and review what’s really going on, we’d probably have a lower crime rate.

How this applies to writing:
When you’re deeply immersed in a document or article, you might overlook a misspelling or error. Step away from the content, take a break, and then come back with a fresh pair of eyes to review it later.

4) Listening can be more valuable than speaking.

Sometimes angry people just want to be heard. Talking about it helps work out why they are upset and examine potential outcomes.

How this applies to writing:
If you are writing, you need to be reading. Absorbing much of what others in your industry have to say will not only expand your knowledge, it will expose you to various writing techniques and best practices.

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