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5 TV Shows I Know I Shouldn’t Watch, But Do Anyway

It’s been so long since I last blogged, I forgot the password to log on to my own website. Tsk tsk.

I’d like to excuse myself from this blogging hiatus by saying I’ve been super busy, but I’m always up to my ears in busy so that excuse is lame. So I shall give no excuse and just get on with this post.

One of my doctors recently told me I need to stop thinking so much. Still trying to figure out exactly what that means, btw. (More with the thinking!) At any rate, I figured a good solution would be to use what little free time I have to sit on the couch and crochet while I watch mindless television. And that is what gave me the idea for this post.

Without further rambling, in no particular order, I give you five TV shows I know I shouldn’t watch, but do anyway.

1. My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

This program follows Gypsy families as their sons and daughters prepare for marriage. When the show first aired, it focused on Irish Travelers in Europe. Now they’ve branched out to include American Gypsies. I like this show because they have very exotic, loud wedding dresses with lots of bling and poof and WOW are they unique.

Why shouldn’t I watch it? It has turned into Jerry Springer, complete with baby daddies and fist fights.

2. Million Dollar Listing

Real estate agents in New York City compete for and sell the most luxurious properties in the city. And there’s lots o’ drama. I enjoy this show for the same reason I like all the other real estate shows. I’m nosey and I like to see the inside of other people’s houses. Maybe if I said I like to see how they decorate their houses it would sound less creepy? Yes? Let’s go with that then.

Why shouldn’t I watch this show? It, too, is drama central. The agents are always back stabbing each other and doing whatever they can to climb to the top. Even though it pretends to be about real estate, it feels more like a soap opera, and we all know most soap operas are garbage. With the exception of Passions of course, I’m still mourning the end of that show.

3. The AM News

I watch the morning news because I want three things: 1) the weather, 2) the traffic, and 3) the top 5 major news stories. But is that what I normally get from watching the news? No. I get celebrity gossip and sports and anchors behaving badly.

Why shouldn’t I watch the news? Most days that I watch it, I walk away feeling annoyed, like I’ve wasted 15 minutes of my life I can never get back. This, from the woman who records and watches My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding!

4. 19 Kids & Counting

The title of this show says it all. Kids everywhere. I enjoy this show because 1) I love kids, and 2) they’re super faithful Christians, though I’m not sure exactly what brand of Christianity they practice.

Why shouldn’t I watch this show? It makes me a little jealous. I’m not saying I want to have 19 children, but I’d be thrilled to pieces to have a big family one day.

5. Holmes on Homes

Holmes on Homes is about a contractor in Canada who helps people fix their homes after they are messed up by really crappy contractors.

Why shouldn’t I watch this? I’m not sure I will ever be able to trust a contractor to do work on our house. I’m convinced at least 75% of them are crooks, which surely can’t be the case. And I’m going to be very weary the next time we purchase a home because of all the stuff I’ve learned that can be done wrong. The number one lesson I’ve learned is that cities require permits and inspections to protect people from bad contractors who take unsafe shortcuts to make an extra buck. Before, I always thought it was just another cash cow for the city. We had a contractor come give us an estimate on our basement and he proposed we skip the permits to save some money. And then I promptly showed him the door.


Maybe instead of a blogging break, I should have broken up with TV. I gave up TV one year during Lent and it was the most productive time of my life.

What TV shows do you watch that you know you shouldn’t?




  1. I haven’t watched the gypsy show in awhile but it was just fascinating to watch. I always found it interesting that a lot of them were Catholic.

    I hadn’t watched 19 Kids and Counting in awhile but recently started watching again when I found out (via someones 7QT that linked to their blog) that Jill Duggar was getting married and bing watched the whole last season when it was on one day. My cousin and I talk about how it’s now somewhat interesting now that they are courting.

    One show I used to watch on my lunch break was International House Hunters. That show was fascinating and the difference in price was insane! This one couple was moving to the Bahamas and the rent was over $10,000 a MONTH!

    I totally agree about the AM news. I’ll turn it on for the weather and traffic and all they talk about is celebrity gossip! Weather apps give me better and faster weather reports than the news.

    • Adri Adri

      Re: the gypsy show – the contrast between the their Catholic faith/purity standards and the way they dress is very different from anything we see here. People assume things when you dress that provocatively.

      I agree 19 Kids & Counting is so much more interesting now with all the courtships. I think they could ride this courtship wave for a few more years, considering all the girls they have that they consider to be of “marrying age.”

      Whenever I watch house hunters, it makes me want to move out of Illinois because our cost of living is so high. Unless of course they’re in NY or CA, then I’m thankful! Haha.

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