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7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 22)

I’ve been out of the 7QT habit for a while, but ready to jump back in just in time for the new year.

Do you like cooking? I really love to cook, but when I get home after working a long day I’m too exhausted to decide what to make. As a result, we end up eating whatever hodge podge meal I can come up with at the last minute or worse, sugary breakfast cereal. Sooo I’m back on the meal planning wagon. My life is so much easier when I make the time to plan healthy meals and grocery shop with a list.

I’ve been trying a bunch of new recipes lately, so this 7QT will focus on sharing my favorites from this week.


— 1 —

It’s been pretty chilly lately, so I’ve been in the mood for comfort foods. Hello, shepherd’s pie! A modified version anyway. I used mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes, water to sauté instead of oil, and added peas. I give this recipe a 4/5.

— 2 —

Next, I made chicken bruschetta, minus the bread. Made it exactly according to the recipe. I give this one a 4/5, but I think my husband would give it a 2. Artichokes and kalamata olives are a little outside his food comfort zone.

— 3 —

The next recipe is breakfast for dinner (or “B for D” as we call it in our house) at its finest. The ham, apple, and sweet potato scramble is the perfect blend of savory and sweet. I doubled this recipe and we both liked it so much, we ate it for dinner two nights in a row. Because I doubled it and planned to store some of it, I cooked the eggs separately and added them directly to our plates rather than mixing it up with the rest of the ingredients. This was a 5/5 all around.

— 4 —

We usually eat breakfast in about 10 minutes because I’ve hit the snooze button one too many times and am running late. This avocado scrambled egg breakfast is fast, but still filling and healthy. I substitute almond milk for the milk in the eggs.

Throw in a side of bacon and a clementine, and I’m not hungry at 9:30AM like I am when I eat cereal. A strong 4/5 rating.

— 5 —

Tacos are always a big hit in my house, but I get bored of making the same kind over and over. This week, I tried tilapia tacos with cabbage slaw. Instead of corn tortillas, we used romaine lettuce leaves, and I roasted the cabbage in advance.

My husband is a little uneasy about eating new types of fish, but he said the tilapia tasted just like chicken, so I consider it a win. I missed the tortilla though, so I’m giving this a 3/5, even though it was pretty good.

— 6 —

We didn’t have white chicken chili this week, but I made it recently and it went fast. We love anything with a little kick to it, and the green chilies added just the right amount of heat. I shredded the chicken instead of chopping it, and used a lot less cheese.

Does anyone else get grossed out by chicken cut into cubes? It reminds me of the little blobs of chicken you find in canned soups, which weirds me out.

This recipe is a 3.75/5.

— 7 —

This sausage, pepper, and potato bake is tonight’s dinner, so we have yet to try it. I’m optimistic because we like all the ingredients. As long as I don’t burn anything, we should be good. 😉

What are some of your favorite recipes? I need some new things to add to the list for next week!

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Have a great weekend! 🙂

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