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Beauty in nature is a reminder of God’s presence

Most days I’m content in my faith and feel strongly that God is with me always. Other days, I feel weak and drained and long for a comforting sign of His presence.

The day I took this picture was one of the latter. I was feeling depressed and confused due to the unexpected passing of 2 family friends.

That evening, my husband and I were driving home from a visit with his parents and and he pointed out this cloud formation in the sky in front of us. The light was bursting through the dark cloud at every angle. The rays almost looked like they were dancing as the cloud sailed across the sky.

This scene left me in awe of God’s creation. It was a perfectly-timed reminder. God is always with us and He can turn anything, from a tragic death to a simple rain cloud, into a force for His glory. I may not understand why it rains, but I know every rain drop has a greater purpose.

What natural phenomenon or elements of creation call your attention to God’s presence?

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  1. It really was a sight-to-be-seen. I always cringe when I see things like the upcoming hurricane (Earl) or when devastation happen throughout the world (like massive earthquakes), but at the same time, I think about all the peaceful time we’re given on this earth where those events are not happening.

    A calm clean crisp cool morning air with a light breeze always brings me peace and relaxation, and I believe it is God giving us a new day with weather that allows our minds to think about what we can do for Him and the world that day.

    Great post A!

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