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Category: Odds & Ends

3 websites to visit before you buy anything from Amazon

Shopping in a store at the mall is probably ranked #2 on the “things my husband would rather not do” list. (For the curious, #1 is leave the house in the winter and #3 is taste zoodles.) As a result, he’s become a very savvy online shopper and is always sharing tips for how to…

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The thing about Hallmark Christmas movies

Halloween creeped by and we’re a week away from Thanksgiving. You know what that means…Hallmark Christmas movie season has arrived! #notanad I’ve been laid up on the couch the last couple of weeks recovering from surgery, so I’ve had lots of time on my hands. (No worries, I’m fine!) In this…


To the woman living in a new place who doesn’t have any close girlfriends

Today I read an article titled, “7 Friends Every Woman Needs” and I thought of you. I thought of how this might make you feel sad and lonelier than you already are. About the sacrifice you made to follow your heart/dreams/job to live somewhere far from home, away from the…


Want Christmas to be less stressful? Change your expectations.

Each Advent and Christmas season, I expect my house to be beautifully decorated, delicious cookies to be baked, hand-addressed cards to be sent, songs to be sung, presents to be carefully wrapped, family parties to be warm and fun, the homily at Mass to be magical, my favorite party attire…

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