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Do you reject the glamours of evil?

Yesterday at Mass there was a baptism for a baby boy of about one month old. He was super cute with big squishy cheeks, and he smiled and cooed when Father anointed him with oil.

During the Rite of Baptism, the priest asked a series of questions to the child’s parents, Godparents, and all Mass attendees. One of the questions was, “Do you reject the glamours of evil?” Though I’ve been to more baptisms than I can count, this question really struck me yesterday.

“Do you reject the glamours of evil?”

It is really easy to put “evil” into a box and think of it as this disgusting, dark force that is easy to identify and so repulsive you can’t help but keep your distance. When I think of evil, I often think of terrible extremes like murder or adultery.

But the scary truth is, evil is often disguised as something glamorous. For the untrained heart, it can be hard to spot and even more difficult to resist because it makes all sorts of alluring promises.

This will feel good. This will make you happy. This will make you rich. This will make you feel complete.

But when you are armed with the Truth, you know all of these promises are empty. And the associated satisfaction is never lasting. You will always be searching for that next glamorous thing until you acknowledge and embrace the desire for God that is written on your heart.



  1. The Rite of Baptism is my favorite of all (well, except that one Rite that united me in Matrimony to The Man…that one time it is the best rite of all). And even though I work and focus on marriage, it is baptism that gets me. Every. Time.

    And yes, that question “do you reject the glamour of evil?” a much deeper question than on the surface.

    Thank-you for this reminder – both of how I love this sacrament, and of how evil works. Sending some extra prayers your way today too 🙂

    • AdriMS AdriMS

      Baptism always gets me, too! I always feel like such a weirdo getting all teary-eyed about Baptisms for babies I don’t know at all. It is just so beautiful!

      Thanks for the prayers, Rebecca! Really appreciate it. You’ll be in mine, too. 🙂

      • Me too! I always wonder if people around me think I’m a complete nutcase when I’m crying during baptisms :).

        • AdriMS AdriMS

          I’m pretty sure my own husband thinks I’m a nutcase for getting so emotionally involved. Don’t even want to think about what strangers think! LOL.

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