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Friday favorites vol. 2

Time for another Friday Favorites link-up with Shay, Erica, Andrea, and Narci! This week was loooooooooooong, right? Maybe it’s the weather. IDK. I’m just praising God it’s Friday!!


My first FAVORITE is like water for the thirsty spirit. The devotions that arrive in my inbox from Blessed Is She each morning are often just what I need. If you aren’t already signed up to receive them, do it! They’re written by women, for women, but a lot of the themes are universal.

In the past I’ve participated in their Advent journaling Bible studies, so this year I ordered the Lenten journal, too. It arrived this week, and I’m so excited to get started!! I’m a lady who loves a journal, so it will take some effort to wait until Lent starts to crack it open. 😉


On Sunday for the Super Bowl, I made some of my husband’s FAVORITE bread. It’s made with beer, so no extra yeast or waiting for dough to rise required. Nearly fool-proof. You can find the recipe I use here.

A big hunk of beer bread in a bowl of chili. Worth the calorie splurge!

I recommend mixing butter into the batter and pouring it on top. Also, do not skip sifting. Pairs nicely with hot chili and football on TV!


My next FAVORITE is the Upside Down Podcast. Their tagline is “What happens when Jesus turns your life upside down?”

Hosted by 5 Christian women, the conversations are unscripted and about a little of everything from adoption to racism. I don’t remember exactly how I found this podcast, but I’m a long time reader of Shannon’s blog We, A Great Parade so I have to assume it was there.


At my brother and sister-in-law’s recommendation, we started watching the BBC version of Sherlock on Netflix last week. It’s one of my FAVORITES right now because it is suspenseful and engaging without being too scary. So good!! I enjoy trying to predict which direction the episode will go, who did what, etc.


I usually stick with neutral colors in the winter, but received this Coach cross body bag as a gift and it has been a bright spot in my wardrobe ever since. In turquoise, it’s my FAVORITE pop of color during the dull gray winter season.

Can you hear my husband asking if I have enough purses now? Me neither.


My go-to hot tea is peppermint tea, but I recently tried blueberry when we were at one of my favorite restaurants for brunch. They brought it to me in this adorable dispenser, my next FAVORITE. How cute is that??

Friends, this thing was made for the clumsy among us! You put it on top of your cup, the tea pours in, and it stops as soon as you pick it back up. No pouring hot water at the table required.


My final FAVORITE is this sweet idea from Andrea at Momfessionals for Valentine’s Day. She puts words of affirmation on hearts and gives them to each of her kids on the days leading up to the holiday. As far as traditions go, it’s adorable and practically free if you have construction paper laying around. <3

That’s it for my Friday favs! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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