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How do you get your nail polish to last?

I typically use decent quality nail polish that claims to be long lasting, but it NEVER lasts more than 3 days.

In the past, I used this amazing top coat, Seche Vite. It made my nail polish last almost a whole week without chipping. And then I saw the state of California warning label on the side of the bottle: This product contains a chemical that is known to cause birth defects. I’m not pregnant, but if this chemical is strong enough to cause harm to an unborn baby, it is probably doing  some (maybe less noticeable) damage to my body. Even if it only causes damage in really large doses, the slow build of having it on my fingers nearly every day started to freak me out, so I stopped using it.

I’ve also tried a gel manicure from a salon, which works, but was SO HARD to take off and too pricey for something so frivolous.

These are some of the other DIY methods I’ve tested to get my nail polish to stick:

  • Essie top coat, Orly top coat, OPI top coat (and tons of other brands)
  • Buffing my nails before painting
  • Adhesive polish before painting
  • Applying vinegar before painting (Tip found on Pinterest. This was a megafail by the way, My polish barely lasted one day when it normally lasts at least two.)
  • Painting the first coat on my tips horizontally, then vertically for the 2nd coat
  • At home (UV free) gel kit (Chipped right off the tips, but was a bear to get off the rest of my nail.)

There are more, but I don’t want to bore you to tears.

I really like having polished nails, but I’m so tired of having to do them all.the.time. So tell me, nail whisperers, what are your secrets and favorite products that actually work???

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