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How to Make Sunflower Cupcakes

My Aunt Sandy and I had a cupcake decorating party (of 2) last night. The sunflower cupcakes turned out super cute, so I thought I’d share how we made them.

We started with a chocolate cupcake base because chocolate is obviously the best cupcake flavor EVER.

plain chocolate cupcake

Then we added a layer of green vanilla flavored icing.

cupcake with green frosting

Next came the chocolate Oreo-style cookie.

cupcake with Oreo cookie

Followed by a few cute leaves piped on using the #352 Wilton tip.

piping leaves with Wilton tip

And then a couple layers of yellow sunflower leaves.

piping sunflower petals

Of course, we can’t forget the lady bug!

red M&M lady bug for cupcakes

And her dots.

sunflower and lady bug cupcakes

The end result was lots of tasty treats for our coworkers. We all know I can’t be trusted with that many cupcakes in the house!
lady bug and sunflower cupcakes

piping dots on lady bug cupcakes

Thanks again to Aunt Sandy for having me over. Baking parties are my favorite!!

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