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Life lately

It’s been about a month since I’ve written, so let’s catch up with a quick “Life lately” post! As with any “Life lately” post, this will be a hodge podge of news and photos I’ve taken over the last month or so.

Another one of my baby sisters is officially a college student. I’ve been going on and on about this on the blog for a while now (with her grad party, ceremony, etc), but now it’s real!

Learning how to open the mailbox with her special assistant
Day 1 living in the dorms

Last weekend our precious little nephew was baptized. He was so chill for all of it, and went to sleep right after being baptized. It was so awesome to be part of welcoming him into the Church and of course hanging out with all of our family at the luncheon afterwards.

Right after the baptism

We decided to sell our house! We’ve lived here for over 10 years. It’s going to be tough leaving this awesome community, but we’re both ready for more space and a new adventure. If you know of anyone looking for a virtually maintenance free home in the far western suburbs of Chicago, let me know and I’ll send you a link to the listing.

The stager worked her magic in here.

We’ve had 2 showings in the 3 days it has been listed, so I think that’s good? Please pray it sells when it is meant to and that we find a new home that is just right for our family.

We accidentally went on a 36 mile bike ride yesterday. We planned to go on a ride with some of our friends and picked a meeting spot that was about 10 miles from our house. It would’ve been no big deal IF we hadn’t already packed up our bike rack as part of staging the house to sell it. We could’ve put the bikes on the back of our car, driven to the meeting place, gone on the ride, and then put them back on the car and driven home.

Instead we rode 10 miles to the meeting spot, rode for about 16 miles with our friends, then rode another 10 miles home. It’s 12 miles longer than our longest ride previously, and we both feel like crap today. Trying to hydrate and I’ve been using the Deep Blue lotion from Doterra which has been helping a bit.

On a break. We were still feeling great here.

We should’ve picked an alternative meeting place like our friends suggested, but no. We thought we could handle it, piece of cake. This pain is our punishment for such hubris!

Today during Mass we sat in the back because we arrived a few minutes late. There were 3 little babies in our immediate area. Years ago, being surrounded by young families while our arms are still empty after years of infertility would’ve made for a very difficult rest of the day. I would’ve begged God during Mass to help us conceive and wondered why those couples were given children while we were not. I probably would’ve teared up during the songs, or even broken down in sobs in my husband’s arms when we got home. When would it be our turn?

Today was not like that at all, and it hit me just how far the Lord has led me out of that dark place. I can’t explain why or how all those feelings of desperation and pain softened, except by God’s grace. So much grace.

Where there was heartache, I feel hope. Where there was desperation, I feel peace and contentment. I’m so grateful!! Praying for all of you still stuck in that hard place. <3

What have you been up to lately?


  1. Prayers for a quick sale of you home! Wow what a bike ride!!!!

    • Adri Adri

      Thank you for your prayers! <3

  2. Margie Margie

    My precious Adrienne you are an amazing woman and my son is so lucky and blessed to call you his wife. I love you so much and I thank God several times a day for bringing you into our family. Dad and I are blessed to call you our daughter. Thank you for being you!!!! We are praying for the sale of your house to go quickly and your move to your new home go smooth. All my love and prayers, Mom XXXOOO

    • Adri Adri

      Thank you! We really appreciate your prayers. It just demonstrates how selfless and loving you both are, to be praying we will sell even though it means we’ll be moving further away. I’m so grateful for you and Dad and love you both so so much!!! <3

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