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3 reasons to involve your marketing or sales department in recruiting

I’m blessed to work for a company experiencing rapid growth, despite the troubled economy. Because our services are in high demand, we have dramatically increased recruiting efforts. I was offered an opportunity to help with this process and happily accepted.

Though I’m eager to get back to my marketing roots, I’m always thankful for the opportunity to contribute in new ways and to learn something new.

I’ve learned it makes a lot of sense for a member of a company’s marketing or sales team to be involved with recruiting. Here are my top 3 reasons why…

3. Recruiting is a lot like selling. You identify the appropriate target, find out what his/her needs are, and figure out how you can enter into a mutually beneficial relationship. Even with the unemployment rate at an all time high, some industries are booming and candidates have many options. Positioning your company effectively could be the difference between attracting top notch talent and being forced to settle for second best. Marketing professionals are always thinking about maintaining a positive public perception of your organization.

2. Good sales professionals are diligent about tracking interactions with potential prospects, so maintaining quality records of their recruiting efforts will be second nature. We have had an overwhelming response to all of our job posts, and keeping track of this information was no small task. Organizing data has been an essential part of making sure quality candidates are identified quickly.

1. Marketers are passionate about sharing your company’s message.
You want to get people fired up about who you are, what you do, and how their skills might fit into that picture. Your marketing and sales team can help attract candidates who want to share in your mission and weed out the ones most focused on simply earning a paycheck.

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