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My Favorite April Fool’s Day Joke

I don’t really care for April Fool’s Day jokes.

Among the few funny jokes, there are countless more that are insensitive, mean, and just plain cruel. However, I have participated a time or two, and my husband always tells jokes or conducts pranks that are pretty harmless and hilarious.

My favorite joke

In April of 2004, while we were newly dating, my boyfriend (now husband) and I played an April Fool’s Day joke on my Mom.

6 months of dating

(Pic above is of Mark and I on our 6 month dating anniversary. Yes, we celebrated that milestone. Don’t judge.)

We called her on speakerphone and told her that after dating long distance for 6 short months, we were engaged. In hindsight, seeing as how much I really love(d) my boyfriend, I probably shouldn’t have had the phone on speaker for him to hear her reaction. I was expecting her to flip out – to tell us we were too young at 20 years old and to slow things down.

Instead, she was so happy that she cried. My jaw hit the floor. We were both shocked. I guess my Mom knew that Mark was the only one for me even before I did.

This is my favorite April Fool’s joke by far. Though I feel terrible for getting my Mom’s hopes up like that, I think she’ll agree it all worked out ok. And that was the moment I knew how much my Mom loved Mark. I never had to wonder if she would be happy when he eventually did propose a year and a half later.

Engagement in 2005

(Shortly after our engagement in 2005.)

What is your favorite April Fool’s Day joke?



  1. Mom Mom

    Yep..we loved Mark right from the start! What’s not to love! And I always have been gullible!!

    • Adri Adri

      I agree. He’s the most loveable guy I know! You’re only gullible because you see the good in everyone and trust people – that’s a wonderful way to be. <3

  2. Celebrating your 6th month dating is nothing bad. I do that even now that I’m a year and four months into my relationship with Nathalie :]

    It’s the little milestones that matter and makes things extra special. Kinda like that movie (I forget the name), where the girl receives roses “Just because it’s Wednesday”.

    It’s funny that the joke backfired and your mom got all excited ^_^ It sounds cute haha.

    • Adri Adri

      Happy one year and four months to you and Natalie! 🙂 I agree, the little milestones are very special.

      My Mom has always loved Mark so much, so I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised about her reaction. Haha.

  3. chris chris

    Last year when I cut brown E’s out of construction paper and put them in a 9×13 pan covered with foil. Then I told the kids they could have brownies for breakfast. They were so excited to rip the foil off the top of the pan, then so confused. (I did actually have real brownies and they got to have those for breakfast afterwards.)

    • Adri Adri

      That is such a cute idea, Chris! I’m so glad you had real brownies, too. I can imagine they’d be heartbroken otherwise. Haha. What a cool Mom to let them have brownies for breakfast! I bet they’ll always remember that day.

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