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My Fun Date: Old School Video Games & Pancakes

My husband and I will be married for 7 years in April. We’ve been dating each other, before and after marriage, for more than 10.5 years. (Happy dance!)

Our typical dates involve going out for or ordering in dinner and then catching a movie. I always have a blast doing this, but I’m looking for some creative, exciting new ideas – especially when it is too cold to go outside.

That is why I decided to consult the blogging universe for ideas…


How to Participate in The Fun Dates Link Up

  1. Write a post about a really fun or unique date. Tell us why it was so awesome. Even if your date is a plan in your head that has never been executed, share it! Use the format I provided below, or whatever makes you happy.
  2. I’d also be curious to hear if you have a regularly scheduled date night or just have them at random times when it is convenient.
  3. Click the link “Add Your Link” button below and paste a link to your post (rather than your blog’s general URL.)
  4. Be sure to use the hashtag #fundates if you talk about your post on Twitter so we can all browse the posts for inspiration before the next date night.


My Fun Date: Old School Video Games & Pancakes

What We Did:
We rented some old school video games, like the original Sonic, and then played them for hours while eating breakfast (pancakes) for dinner.

Why It Was Awesome:
I get a kick out of doing things at inappropriate/unexpected times. (Honestly, that is the only reason I enjoy shopping on Black Friday. You aren’t supposed to be in the stores at such odd hours!) So breakfast for dinner is pretty much my all time favorite meal. I’d take a big golden pancake covered in buttery syrup with a side of bacon over a steak any day of the week.

The games we played brought back a lot of childhood memories, and it was fun to share about that time in our lives. My husband still really likes console and computer games, but I have a hard time adjusting to the perspective that most of the games have now, and I don’t like any of the more graphically violent video games. The old games with the flat side-view perspective and more mild content were the perfect compromise.

This date took place at home, so it was easy to fit in and very inexpensive.

On The Regular or Random:
Random. We don’t have a regularly scheduled date night, but we try to date as often as we can. It can be hard to fit dates in the evenings after work, so most of them happen on the weekends for us.

Now, tell me about your Fun Date in the comments or participate in the link up!


  1. Hmm fun dates. I would say that my girlfriend and I have a proper formal date once a month and then have informal dates (or just hang out) several times a week.

    On weekdays, because of where we each live and commute, we often have lunch together and cook something simple but still yummy.

    On the weekends we are very indoor-ish, so we hang out with my nephews, watch movies, cook together, go to family events, cook or lunch with relatives, etc.

    Some of these things we enjoy most are visiting my nephews, hangout out with her mom and brother, cooking things together (we love making fresh pasta, risotto, fish ceviche, thai noodles with shrimp), going out to eat italian or sushi, ordering food and watching a movie or taking naps (we take solo many naps it’s probably what we do 50% of the time we spend together ^_^ )

    We’ve also done some random, less frequent dates like going go-karting, eating in places out of town, going to a spa a couple of hours away from Quito, riding bicycles together, watching the NBA Finals, watching a Formula 1 grand prix at 7AM, going to visit some of our friends at a local foundation for kids with disabilities, and more.

    I just shared this post with her so we’ll definitely have a pancake + video game date soon! I can’t wait since she makes the best pancakes south of Lisle 😛 and I love video games!

    Thanks for the article and awesome to see your blog back, Adri!

    • Adri Adri

      Thanks so much for the ideas, Felipe! I like the idea of cooking together and going to a spa sounds super fun. Not sure how Mark would feel about the spa thing though. I’ll have to ask for sure.

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