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Treats & Sacrifices

Paczki Day


Today is Paczki Day in these parts.

I first learned about this tradition when my college roomie brought some of the girls in our dorm paczkis, delicious jelly and custard filled pastries, on Fat Tuesday my freshman year of college. Since then, after moving to Chicago and marrying into a Polish family, I’ve participated every year by eating at least one paczki. It is a holiday dedicated to eating pastries. What’s not to like?

Thanks to a coworker, today I had 1/2 of one with custard filling and 1/2 of one with strawberry because I couldn’t decide which I wanted more.

These delicious treats are a reminder that Lent is fast approaching. As in it starts tomorrow. I’m still struggling to discern what practices I’ll be giving up and adding during Lent. Normally I like to give something up, and add a new spiritual practice. I’m really stumped this year.

Prayers that I choose things that will be true sacrifices/a benefit to my spiritual life would be much appreciated! Suggestions welcome.

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