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The Choice

I’m reading a book right now called The Choice: America at the Crossroads of Ruin and Revival. It cites the self-centered attitudes/morals/behaviors of the Baby Boomers as the cause of many of America’s problems. Rather than simply pointing out the issues the plague America today, the author Sammy Tippet digs…



In elementary school, we can’t wait to be in junior high. In junior high, we can’t wait to be in high school. In high school, we can’t wait to be in college. In college, we can’t wait to graduate so we can enter the work force and get on with our lives – some of us anyway. 😉

The waiting process seems to be endless.

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Good and bad

The recent political scandal in Illinois has made me question what I think it means to be a “good person.” Gov. Blago has shown little remorse for his actions, even calling himself innocent in spite of evidence that clearly paints him otherwise. My Question – Is being a good person…