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Comparing the expectations we have of Tylenol vs. the Eucharist

On the Solemnity of Corpus Christi, we attended a neighboring parish’s Mass. The priest, Father Peck, gave a homily that challenged me in a positive way, so I wanted to share bits of it here for you to consider. Some Context The Eucharist is a central part of the Catholic faith. We are invited to receive the Lord each…

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Want Christmas to be less stressful? Change your expectations.

Each Advent and Christmas season, I expect my house to be beautifully decorated, delicious cookies to be baked, hand-addressed cards to be sent, songs to be sung, presents to be carefully wrapped, family parties to be warm and fun, the homily at Mass to be magical, my favorite party attire…

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Do you define yourself by what you don’t do?

In his Bible study program, The Great Adventure Bible Timeline, Jeff Cavins talks about how the Pharisees were set apart from the rest of the Jewish community. The Lord required this because these leaders had a history of being lured into worshipping false gods by foreign wives and the people they conquered…