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Love freely given

We had the privilege to hang out with our sweet nephew yesterday while his parents had a date night. Mark and I have been looking forward to this since they asked if we were available. I excitedly prepped the house (moved anything sharp within tiny arms’ reach) and doodled Daniel…


3 websites to visit before you buy anything from Amazon

Shopping in a store at the mall is probably ranked #2 on the “things my husband would rather not do” list. (For the curious, #1 is leave the house in the winter and #3 is taste zoodles.) As a result, he’s become a very savvy online shopper and is always sharing tips for how to…

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Thoughts on “Choosing Joy” by Dan Lord OR Being joyful in the face of hardships

I won’t call this a “book review” because I’ll probably share more about how reading this book made me feel than about the content. Let’s just pretend I’m sitting down with you over a cup of tea to chat about my thoughts on a good read that touched my heart.…