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Recap: All Things Fall Fun

Pumpkins! Apples! Cinnamon! Crunchy leaves! Sweaters! Boots! For these reasons and so many more, Fall is the best season of them all. Here’s how we’ve been enjoying it so far…

Cheering for the Cubbies

Mark was born into a Cubs fan family and was faithfully indoctrinated with a deep, unwavering love for the team. He recently attended an event and won tickets to a rooftop club for the Cubs vs. Cardinals game. I tried to get him to take his brother (who I’m convinced is the real #1 Cubs fan), but he insisted we should have a date night and I was pretty excited about it.

Sitting in our cushiony seats getting ready for the game to start

It was my first time at one of the rooftops and we had so much fun. The view of the city was incredible.

View from the rooftop bar
Same location near the end of the game

The lines for the bathroom were nonexistent (so different from being inside Wrigley) and getting out of the facility at the end of the night didn’t require waiting in super long lines pouring out of the stadium. Plus all of our food and drinks were included.

David Ross hit a home run and the whole stadium went nuts cheering. It was especially cool because a few minutes prior to him doing so, Mark said “C’mon hit one out of the park.”

And of course the Cubs won!

Cubs Win

Scarf Exchanging

I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a post from Mix and Match Mama featuring her and her girlfriends after having a scarf exchange party. I thought to myself WHAT THIS IS A THING I LOVE IT! and then decided to host one.

Of course I had to decorate the chalkboard for the occasion.

Several girlfriends came over one Sunday afternoon. We sipped hot apple cider, ate pumpkin-flavored treats, had a pumpkin decorating contest, and of course exchanged scarves.

Pumpkin decorating contest
The winning pumpkin

This is totally becoming an annual thing (as in I may have already put placeholders on my calendar through 2020), so if you’re one of my girlfriends and want to be invited to next year’s event just let me know!

Modeling our new-to-us scarves


We took a trip to Wisconsin with Mark’s side of our family and my sister and brother-in-law.


It was so nice to spend so much time with our families and unwind before the busy holiday season approaches. We attended an art fair and a pumpkin patch festival.

On the way to the festival
Enjoying the beautiful weather, food, and time with our families. And I got to wear my puffy warm vest.

Bike Riding

On that same trip, we decided to go on a bike ride along Lake Michigan with my sister and brother-in-law.

About half way along the trail
Gorgeous view of Lake Michigan along the trail

Everything was going smashingly until the pedal fell off of Mark’s bike. We unsuccessfully tried screwing it back on and even wedging a stick into the open slot so it was somewhat usable for the 4 miles we had left to ride to get back to the car.

Nothing worked, and he was forced to use the bike like a scooter. He was such a trooper about it though!

Scooting along


We visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help last weekend. We stop to pray there every year and this year was just as moving as the first time we went. You can feel God’s presence and love.

Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

My heart was heavy with a long list of people to pray for this year. We prayed in a special way for our godchildren, siblings, parents, and some couples that are hoping to conceive or adopt soon. God’s will be done!

Crutches and canes from those who have been healed at the shrine

On and on it goes

This weekend we’re headed to a corn maze and bonfire with some of Mark’s friends. I’m excited about getting lost in the corn maze. With my sense of direction (or lack thereof), it’s inevitable.

What are your favorite fall activities?




  1. Sounds like you are enjoying the season! Sad I missed the scarf party and seeing you on your way through town. Next year for sure! 🙂 You look sooooo lovely! Love the cute chalkboard and decor for the scarf party…it’s all so festive! Enjoy the corn maze and bonfire!!! Prayers and hugs!

    • Yes, next year for sure!! Thank you for the kind words. Prayers and hugs right back at ya!! <3

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