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Tag: infertility

How to end an uncomfortable conversation about infertility: the IF business card

I try to be uplifting and positive in my posts about infertility, while still sharing the struggle and more difficult realties. Fair warning: This is neither of those things. It’s a post about the inappropriate questions strangers ask after observing our family of two. If you’re feeling sensitive today, or…


How to navigate Halloween in the midst of infertility

Holidays are challenging when you’re facing infertility. One of the big reasons is the reminder time keeps charging ahead. Birthdays and anniversaries are bittersweet for the same reason. Another year passes, and you’re reminded of all the plans you made and dreams you had about what your life would look…


How infertility strengthened my marriage

Infertility is really hard on couples — emotionally, physically, financially. All the ways. It’s hard. One Danish study reported that couples who pursue fertility treatments that fail are three times more likely to get divorced. I’m grateful this has not been our experience. We’re a stronger couple for having navigated…


3 lies infertile people tell themselves + thoughts I use to punch those lies in the face

I’ve always been hesitant to post about our infertility on my blog, careful not to go too deep or share too much when I do mention it. It’s an extremely personal journey — one that we’re still in the throes of coping with and that for the most part, I…