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The Big Purse Dump: The Black Hole

Jumping on The Big Purse Dump bandwagon, hosted by Catholic All Year. Because I know you’re all dying to know what’s inside my purse today. No? I’ll continue anyway…

My husband refers to my purse as “the black hole.” It doesn’t matter if I’m using a wristlet or a huge bag, I always have to dig for things.


My Purse


My current purse (pictured above) is a fabulous bag gifted to me by my awesome in-laws. I’m loving the funky snake skin pattern, the long and short handles, and the width. It fits perfectly on my lap without hanging over on the sides like some of my larger bags, which is great for being out to lunch and not wanting to have your purse hanging on the back of your chair for all to see/access.


Inside My Purse

What’s inside?

1) iPad Mini & Headphones: The iPad Mini is my lifeline for work. I use it constantly, and I love the way it fits in most of my purses unlike the bigger iPad. The headphones were a Christmas gift from Mark a few years ago. He chose that pair because the insides of my ears are tiny and these were some of the only ones that fit. (I’ve been looking for those category goes to the headphones.)

2) Wallet: Where I keep my 9,000 loyalty cards, but never any cash.

3) Mini Deck of Cards: Because you never know when you’ll accidentally board the quiet car on the train with a 7 year old and need to keep her occupied. (Happened with my baby sis and they came in so handy!) Also, Mark and I have been playing a game of Rummy since April of 2003, so I like to have cards on me in case we get a chance to play. We’re nearing 14,000 points each, and our goal is to make it to one million before we leave this earth.

4) Decaf Green Tea: I gave up caffeine a while back for health reasons, and this tea has seen me through some very cold days this winter. Sometimes I just want something warm to hold and drink! (Wow, I really have a lot of these category goes to the tea. I only pictured one, but there were lots.)

5) Hand Lotion: This stuff works. My hands go from cracked and bleeding to a-ok after just a few applications.

6) Mini Composition Notebook: My Aunt Sandy gave me this to jot ideas down for my sisters bridal shower last year, and I keep it in my purse because I think it is adorable. All things mini are my fav.

7) The bag within the bag: This is where I hide things I don’t want floating around loosely in my purse. Right now it contains: tissue, eye drops, feminine products, Altoids, nail file, bobby pins, hair tie, oil blotting sheets, toothbrush, travel-size perfume, lipstick, Advil, Sudafed, and Cold-Eeze. (Huh, THAT shouldn’t be in there goes to all of the bobby pins. I very rarely use them, and there were a ton!)

8) Treasury of Prayer Book: My sister Gabrielle gave this to me a few Christmases ago. I keep it in my purse and pull it out when I need to pray, but I can’t find the right words.

9) Rosary: Mark gave me this wooden rosary for Christmas a while back. It’s beautiful, and I keep it in the little pouch it came in so it doesn’t get tangled up with everything else. (It’s my favorite thing in here category goes to the rosary.)

10) Hairbrush: Really old, probably enough hair in that bad boy to knit a sweater. But hey, it still works.

11) Business Card Holder: For meeting strangers at networking events. It gives me something to do with my hands while trying not to be super awkward. Those types of events are not my cup of tea.

Not pictured: Receipts galore. Phone. (I use my phone as a camera, so I couldn’t take a picture of my phone with my phone.)

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  1. This really would be the perfect time of year to knit yourself a hair shirt. :0)

    Thanks for linking up!

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