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Getting back to the right kind of writing

Ever since I started reading (at the ripe age of 4) I’ve dreamt of being an author.

In grade school, I wrote stories about bears befriending squirrels and the President making ice cream a mandatory part of school lunches. In high school, I spent my study hall perusing the library and local book stores. In college, I wrote poems that reflected my innermost thoughts.

Over the years, the story has changed and the characters have evolved, but my desire to write something meaningful and see it in print has never faded. In January, I am going to be 25 years old. A quarter of a century. I think it is time I stop waiting for my life to settle down so I can write, and make writing my novel a priority.

This blog is the first step in that process. I need to get back in touch with my writing voice, rather than spending all my time writing to suit other people’s needs. Writing for myself has taken a back seat to writing for a paycheck, as is only natural, but I hope writing here helps me create some semblance of balance and eventually gives me the courage to work on my book.

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