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The thing about Hallmark Christmas movies

Halloween creeped by and we’re a week away from Thanksgiving. You know what that means…Hallmark Christmas movie season has arrived! #notanad

I’ve been laid up on the couch the last couple of weeks recovering from surgery, so I’ve had lots of time on my hands. (No worries, I’m fine!) In this time, I’ve watched too many Hallmark Christmas movies for my own good. I’ve enjoyed them immensely because *cheesy love stories* but the storylines are getting a bit tired.

So many of the characters…

  • Hold one of four jobs: chef/baker, advertising agency exec, lawyer, or innkeeper.
  • Are overworked and all-consumed by their work = “I don’t have time for love.”
  • Fall in love in two seconds and are ready to walk down the aisle in as little as a week.
  • Discover traveling around the holidays is going to be disastrous, especially if traveling with a hottie who is not the character’s boyfriend/husband-to-be. He or she is going to fall in love with this person and end up cancelling wedding plans for someone who might as well be a stranger.
  • Will be stranded in some 1950’s small town Americana Christmasville due to a snow storm, in which he or she will rediscover his or her long lost Christmas spirit.
  • Are given a Christmas wish or miracle granted to them by Santa/an elf/a taxi driver who is really Santa in disguise/a stocking/jewelry/I could go on forever.
  • Have mothers who appear to be *maybe* 5-10 years older than they are.

Admittedly some of the newer movies mix it up a bit more so I’m excited to see the ones that come out this week.

Are you a Hallmark movie nut during the holidays like I am? Which are your favorites?


  1. Donna Kopetsky Donna Kopetsky

    Every year I claim I’m going to watch them but your soooo right that they end up being to cheesy. Give me White Christmas anyday!

    • Adri Adri

      I know they are going to be cheesy but I love love stories, even far fetched ones, so I can’t help but watch. Haha. White Christmas is one of my favs, too!

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