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This Marketing Campaign is Nothing to Frown At

My outdoor company picnic is this Saturday at a local park. As one of the event organizers, I’ve been distraught about the latest weather forecast…thunderstorms!

This news is making me anxious because if it does rain, we will all be stuck under a giant tent rather than outside playing fun games. So, I did what I always do when a thought enters my head. I tweeted about it, complete with a little frowny face. About 5 minutes later, I received the tweet below from JELL-O in response.


At first I was little creeped out. I often change the channel when the pudding face commercials come on because the unnatural smile disturbs me. But at the end of the day, the lure of free pudding was more than I could resist, so I clicked the link.


The link brought me to the fun, interactive website pictured above. After verifying my twitter account, I completed a basic form and then I tweeted about the campaign as prompted.




What is so awesome about this marketing campaign?

1. They detected a frown in my tweet and sent me a PERSONAL message, referencing the rain I was dreading. They acknowledged the reason for my sad face and expressed sympathy for my situation. Showing concern for my feelings is one of the fastest ways to my heart.

2. The website was fun and interactive. It allowed me to pick the tweet I wanted and then check out a real time view of the happy and sad face tweets on Twitter.


3. Free. Pudding. C’mon, this is reason enough.

Coincidentally, I packed a sugar-free chocolate Hunt’s Snack Pack in my lunch today. Perhaps I should switch to JELL-O brand…

Have you seen any really creative marketing campaigns recently? If so, share them in the comments.


Update: I received my free pudding in the mail. What did the package include?
– 2 boxes of instant pudding
– 1 pudding face sticker
– 1 coupon for free pudding snacks

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