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Sometimes I can’t wrap my head around what’s transpired over the last few months. Selling the only home we’ve known as a married couple, moving to a new state, buying a new home, both of us transitioning to work from home full-time. It’s been an exciting adventure!

Out to breakfast the morning before we closed on the new house
We were both super excited and nervous, hoping everything would go smoothly.

I probably sound dramatic to all of you seasoned relocators, but this was a lot of change for us.

The mantle decorated for Christmas

As of yesterday, we’ve lived here for 2 months. We’ve been building furniture and unpacking and decorating. The house is slowly coming together.

I was excited to set up our china cabinet from Mark’s Aunt and Uncle in our new dining room. It was in storage in the basement of our old house because it wouldn’t fit in our last dining room.

Surprisingly, we’re seeing the family we left behind in another state even more than when we lived there. My mother-in-law commented she feels that way, too. When we come into town each month for work, we’re there for 3 to 5 days and other than when we’re at work, we’re together 100% of the time. We’ve been grateful for all the quality time with them, especially as we all adjust to living farther apart.

Spending time with one of our nephews at the family Christmas party

My Mom on the other hand, who I now live a mere 30 minutes away from, was saying she misses talking to me. I used to call her everyday on my hour-long commute to work. Now that I am waking up 15 minutes before work starts to get ready and take the short walk to my office down the hall, I haven’t been calling every morning. I have seen my Mom at least once a week since we moved here, sometimes 3 or 4 times in a week, but I miss these chats too. #cantstophittingsnooze

Christmas evening at my parent’s house

My Mom and I were laughing about it. My in-laws are happy they’ve been seeing us more (and we moved 3+ hours away from them) and my Mom (who is now 30 minutes away) feels more disconnected. We’ll get the hang of this eventually. 😉



  1. MB MB

    You new house looks super lovely! sounds like things are going well, but def a big adjustment. I’m sure you’ll find a happy medium in time. Merry Christmas!!!

    • Thank you, Mary Beth! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!! <3

  2. There is a lot of truth here. I think when we live farther away we make the effort because we feel that distance. Living close by it’s easy to think “oh, I’ll see them soon” and then suddenly life happens and weeks have gone by without a visit.

    You will settle in to a new routine, I’m sure.

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