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What I’ve been dreaming about

The last few weeks I’ve had crazy, vivid dreams. In my dreams:

Dream 1

I tried to escape the clutches of an evil cult along with two other people. Every once in a while one of the people escaping with me would get a glassy, non-responsive look on his face. This was a result of his cult brainwashing. I spent most of this dream running and hiding in a village that reminded me of the Shire from The Hobbit.

Ultimately, we were betrayed by a double agent and recaptured. The double agent was one of the partners I work with at work in real life. My Mom was Sally Fields.

Dream 2

I was pregnant. I went to the hospital due to some abnormalities in my pregnancy, as in my stomach was collapsed around the baby so I could see the outline of his body. It was unnerving, but everything was fine. We had a baby boy with Mark’s eyes and my bird lip and less prominent chin. Right before I woke up, Mark and I were sitting on our bed, staring at him so in love.

Dream 3

My sister and her sister-in-law and I were shopping. We had to stop to use the ladies room. After doing my business, I decided to wait outside for them. A big scary man ran past me into the women’s bathroom and shot someone who was right next to my sis and her sister-in-law. They were understandably traumatized and I was telling them to get it together so we could leave. So much compassion, I know.

Dream 4

I discovered a portal to Australia in a train station. I was thrilled because I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, but dread the lengthy flight. I went through the portal with my travel companions, but accidentally left my luggage in the US. When I came back through the portal to retrieve my bag, the train station (and somehow I knew the whole country) was crumbling before my eyes.

I don’t know what the disaster was, but the country was in ruin like there was a giant earthquake and everything was swallowed up. The adult population was nearly wiped out and there were orphans everywhere.

What does it all mean? Some of it is obvious, and some of it has me scratching my head.

Why am I having such vivid dreams? I’ve been going to bed early-ish, so maybe I’m not done digesting my dinner? Maybe I have a lot to work out that I’d rather ignore in my waking hours? My money is on the bits of delicious chocolate I’ve been eating too close to bed time.

Do you remember your dreams?

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