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What’s up Wednesday 7.26

Joining in on the What’s Up Wednesday link up with Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay.

What we’re eating this week

I made a bunch of chicken and veggies on Sunday and we’ve been eating that all week.  Spending a chunk of Sunday cooking has been a fair trade for not having to come home and figure out what to make and then make it after working all day. Tonight we’re having salmon and green beans, made by my sweet husband because I worked later today. We like this brand of salmon (from Costco) a lot. It’s seasoned just the way I like it!

What I’m reminiscing about

When I had bangs. Every year around this time I get the itch to get bangs.

I usually cave when it gets a little cooler out, so they aren’t sticking to my forehead. We’ll see how long I can hold out this time around.

What I’m loving

These. Costco had them on sale this week. It’s taking all my self control not to go eat 30 of them right this moment. I settled for 5.

What we’ve been up to

Last fall I shared about how one of the pedals fell off of my husband’s bike while we were on a trail in Wisconsin. I finally had his bike fixed (and both of our bikes tuned up) a couple weeks ago, and we’ve been hitting the trails ever since! One afternoon we rode to an Irish pub in the downtown area of our town and had lunch. Last weekend we did a 12 mile ride and explored some areas of our community we’d never been before. Very fun, and oh so hot. The humidity was brutal.

What I’m dreading

This is going to sound super childish, but I’m dreading taking a pill tomorrow morning. Don’t misunderstand me — I’m so so grateful for access to vitamins and medicine!

But when it comes to swallowing pills, I’m the worst. It’s embarrassing how bad I am at swallowing them, and how much I have to work up the courage to take them. When I was a kid, my doctor told me to practice swallowing Red Hots until I got the hang of it. Not only did I not “get the hang of it” but now I hate Red Hots.

There is one pill I’m taking now that freaks me out. It is easily an inch and a quarter long and very thick. I shudder just thinking about taking it.

What I’m working on

Simplifying and purging. Each week I pick a few areas to tackle and I’m making decent progress. So far I’ve done: the office closet, our shoes, our t-shirt drawers, and one of the nightstands.

In the bottom drawer of Mark’s nightstand, I found almost every love note I’ve ever written for him. My heart swelled with love for him when I saw all of the old notes I left in his lunch box, suitcase, etc. Which is good for him because the other drawer contained a bunch of old tissues and receipts.

Next up…our closet.

What I’m excited about

I submitted my DNA for one of those ancestry/medical testing companies recently. I won’t know the results for 6-8 weeks, but I’m excited to find out more about where I come from and what my genes say. On my Mom’s side, someone told her we have Native American heritage, so I’m particularly interested to see if anything like that will show up. Also slightly concerned they’re going to create a clone of me somewhere that I’ll never know about, but that’s extremely unrealistic right?

What I’m watching/reading

My husband and I started watching The 4400 and I’m pretty well hooked. We heard it ends abruptly because it was cancelled and are still watching it anyway. I’m hoping not to be too disappointed by the end or that maybe pretty please another network will pick it up one day? A lady can dream.

I just wrapped up The Street Lawyer by John Grisham. Probably not new to many of you since it came out in the 90’s, but spoiler — stop now if you haven’t read it but plan to –> It was an easy read about a man’s conversion from high powered attorney helping the rich get richer to representing the homeless population in D.C. The catalyst for this dramatic change? A homeless man holds him and several other lawyers in his firm hostage after being wrongfully evicted by the firm to close a real estate deal.

What I’m listening to

The Drew Mariani Show podcast from Relevant Radio. His guests always interest me and he is a great story teller. Also enjoying the Catholic Hymns station on Spotify. The songs are instrumental and very relaxing/calming to play in the background while working.

What I’m wearing

This cow jumped over the moon nightgown has been my go to in the warmer weather. So soft and snuggly, and pretty thin so it isn’t too warm for summer. Originally purchased from Target about a year ago, but looks like it is out of stock now. They have lots of other pjs in this same brand though.

What I’m doing this weekend

This weekend we have my Mom and one of my sisters coming to visit, so I expect we’ll be spending a lot of time with them. Excited to see them both!

What I’m looking forward to next month

Next month my new nephew will be baptized! I’m so honored to be his godmother and can’t wait for his special day. We have another cousins baptism, too.

Baptisms are always so emotional for me. A glimpse of Heaven welcoming a sweet baby into the Church.

What else is new

I shared a post recently about how I’m doing on my 2017 goals so far. July is a great midpoint to check in on those things. Bottom line: I have lots more to do!

What’s up with you this Wednesday?

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