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“You should’ve seen it in color” – Picture 11

Because I keep getting questions like, “What is up with that Santa picture on your facebook profile?”

Picture 11


The obvious:
This is a picture of me in the Fall of 2005. I’m wearing a Santa costume.

What you can’t see:
This picture was taken in the backyard of the house I lived in my senior year of college. I’m wearing a Santa costume in honor of a Purdue University tradition called Breakfast Club. On the days of home football games, students wake up at the crack of dawn, put on costumes, and make their way to local bars that open as early as 7AM. The bars sell screwdrivers for $1.

I’m naturally a morning person, so I spent a lot of time dragging the night owls out of bed that day. I even had to bribe some of them to wake up early with McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches.

This particular Saturday was the day of the Notre Dame game. While walking to the game that day, I passed two young Notre Dame fans with their parents. I estimated the kids to be 4 and 6 years old. They had the most puzzled looks on their faces. I imagine they were probably wondering, “Why is Santa here? And why is he carrying that fabulous purse?”

How this picture makes me feel:
Happy. It was such a fun day, which is why I post it every year during the month of December.

It also makes me miss my roomies and college friends. I’m the worst at keeping in touch, especially with long distance friends. I hardly ever return phone calls and only make them once in a blue moon. It is terrible, and definitely not representative of how much I care about them. Perhaps that should be one of my New Year’s resolutions…

*Title of the post is a line from “In Color” by Jamey Johnson. Buy it here!


  1. I love this tradition and I hope you never stop it. You look so happy!!

  2. Oh, and the probe in the background is awesome too.

  3. nej nej

    i love this pic, and am so surprised to see it every year. it makes me remember how much fun we had, and how much we all laughed together. it’s hard to keep in touch w/ the roomies, but we know you are ALWAYS there for us. keep up the good work santa

    • admin admin

      Thank you, Nej. I hope you are doing ok. Let’s plan to get together soon. I miss you!

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