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Category: Faith

Is Twilight Putting Young Readers on Dangerous Moral Ground?

There has been a dramatic increase in occult activity and symbolism in main stream media in the last few weeks. From witch and demon costumes to bloody skull candles, you can find a bit of Halloween almost anywhere you go. I think we can all agree this increase is expected behavior for the weeks before October 31st. What struck me as odd this year is the extreme focus on vampires.


Conditional Compassion: Where do you draw the line?

The release of convicted Lockerbie bomber Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi from a Scottish prison has caused me to ponder the limits of human compassion.

Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi was released under a Scottish compassion law due to a terminal illness. Rather than being applauded for their mercy, the Scots are facing immense ridicule from the world community.


The Choice

I’m reading a book right now called The Choice: America at the Crossroads of Ruin and Revival. It cites the self-centered attitudes/morals/behaviors of the Baby Boomers as the cause of many of America’s problems. Rather than simply pointing out the issues the plague America today, the author Sammy Tippet digs…


Good and bad

The recent political scandal in Illinois has made me question what I think it means to be a “good person.” Gov. Blago has shown little remorse for his actions, even calling himself innocent in spite of evidence that clearly paints him otherwise. My Question – Is being a good person…