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Recap: Finding Your Fiat Conference

Last weekend I had the privilege to attend the Finding Your Fiat Conference with my favorite sister-in-law. Despite what Google assumed and the image it auto-applied after seeing the event on my calendar, the event had nothing to do with cars.

Really Google?

It was wonderful to step away from the busyness of life for a day and a half to share in fun and fellowship with a lovely group of Catholic women.

Friday night we attended a welcome cocktail party, with music by Marie Miller and karaoke. Marie’s voice was fabulous. I’ve gotten so used to the auto-tuned, over edited music on the radio. Hearing someone with a genuinely beautiful voice sing live and use her voice to worship Jesus was awesome. My favorite song of hers was 6’2, probably because that’s the height of my favorite guy.

I immediately purchased her You’re Not Alone EP when I got home and am looking forward to the new one she said is coming out soon.

Karaoke songs were all fun throw backs. I knew I made a good decision to attend this conference when someone chose a song from The Little Mermaid.

The next day after breakfast at the hotel, we headed to the church for a full day of speakers, worship, and getting to know each other. They had the most thoughtful touches throughout the event, like religious coloring pages at the tables and a pretty hand-stamped fiat necklace for each attendee.

fiat necklace

Throughout the day, the speakers’ messages and personal stories challenged me, inspired me, tugged at my heart strings, and fanned the fire in my heart for the beautiful faith we share. Below are messages I loved most. <3

“Stop seeking God’s will and start seeking God.” – Meg Hunter on being Type A and obsessively asking God to tell you what’s next. Oh how I can relate to this!

“You can’t say yes to your mission if you don’t embrace your identity as a daughter of God.” – Sister Clara Maria Malay on healing our hearts from the warped view of femininity presented by popular culture.

“Someone once said if the devil can’t make you evil, he will make you busy.” – Jenna Guizar on making time for God by saying no to things that aren’t fruitful in your life.

“Give the best of yourself to God’s plan, even at the risk of being hurt.” – Annie Tillberg on why she doesn’t regret opening her heart and home to a foster daughter.

“Every gift is also a fiat.” – Sister Clara Maria Malay on the responsibility that comes with our feminine gifts.

“The question isn’t if you will suffer, but how and how you will let it transform you.” – Meg Hunter on being open to whatever path the Lord sets before you.

“Our Lady didn’t go ask Joseph’s permission before saying yes to Gabriel’s question from God.” – Sister Clara Maria Malay on avoiding the extremes of codependence and dominance in relationships.

“Feed the need to create…Physically challenge yourself to see the ways your body CAN work…Honor your grief, but set limits…Spiritually persist even when you don’t feel it. ” – Annie Tillberg on coping with infertility.

“We degrade ourselves when we think of love as just a feeling.” – Sister Clara Maria Malay noting that love is a fiat you say yes to each day.

“What is it you need to quit to make space in your life?” – Jenna Guizar on Bob Goff’s Quit Something Thursday. Jenna challenged us to write down something we feel called to quit. I wrote reality TV. ?

“Infertility creates a space in your life. How will you redeem it?” – Annie Tillberg on having a fulfilling life when it isn’t the one you imagined. I cried throughout Annie’s talk of course. She’s a strong, faithful example of embracing your cross.

After the final speaker wrapped up, we rushed over to the other church building to try to make confession before the drive home. Thankfully we made it just in time. When we left for home about 20 minutes later, I felt spiritually refreshed and recharged.

I’m so thankful for the lovely women who hosted this event and really hope it becomes an annual thing!!



  1. Megan Megan

    This is such a great roundup–I’ll definitely be saving these wise words. So glad it was a Spirit-filled time for you!

    • Thanks, Megan! It was a wonderful event. If they host it again next year, you should come! 🙂

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