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Join me in the 2018 Cookbook Challenge

Prior to our move this year, I went through most of our belongings to purge what we didn’t use or want. I was surprised to learn I had so many cookbooks! I downsized my collection by about half and made a commitment to myself.

In 2018, when I need a recipe, I’m ONLY going to use my cookbooks rather than wander the internet reading recipe reviews for 30 minutes.

I’m not saying I’ll stop making the recipes I know by heart and as a result only plan meals from my cookbooks. But when I need a recipe, the cookbooks I have are the only place I’ll look.

Half of my original collection. It’s fair to say I was a cookbook hoarder.

15 days in, I’m already seeing major benefits.

  1. It has helped me shake up our menu
  2. It is alarmingly more efficient because I’m not distracted by every ding and chirp on my phone while cooking.
  3. I’m using more of the pantry staples and spices that often go ignored until they expire.

The first two weeks I used this book I received (I think from my Mom?) at one of my wedding showers.

At the end of each month, I’ll share 3 recipes that came out on top and be sure to recommend any cookbooks that I reference over and over.

Are you up for the challenge? If you want to participate, share snaps of the meals you make from your cookbooks with the hashtag #justcookbooks18.


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