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Life lately

Did you ever have one of those days when you just feel all the feelings? That’s how the last month of my life has been. Lots of happy tears, lots of sad tears. All the feelings.

There have been some incredible highs, like the birth of my new nephew and godson. I would visit and snuggle him everyday if I could. He has the best little dimples and is just so precious!

I can’t get over how tiny he looks in his Uncle’s arms.

Then his big brother said, “Love you” to me for the first time!!!! It was because I showed him some pictures of recycling trucks, but I’ll take it.

We moved into a nice new office space at work and I’m back to having my own office. My office mate in the last space was great, but it’s so nice to be able to play The Beauty and The Beast soundtrack without having to wear headphones. Let alone all the things I actually need my own office for like meetings. But seriously I’m obsessed with that soundtrack. #priorities #onrepeat

My husband’s Nana turned 96! One of her granddaughters put 97 candles on her cake and it was awesome and hilarious and probably a fire hazard. (In the video we’re singing verse 2 of the family birthday song = “May the Dear Lord bless you” in place of “Happy birthday to you.”)

One of my sisters is preparing to graduate high school. I was 15 years old when she was born, and it has been such a privilege to watch her grow up.

She was born near Christmas, so we dressed her up and put her in a sleigh. #babysisterlife #ourreallifebabydoll

I started crying at a restaurant during lunch when she showed me her graduation announcement. I remember just staring at her when she was born, blown away by God’s goodness and grateful we got to take her home.

All grown up and ready for college

Another sister just finished her first year of college. Another is going to be a 5th grader. Ahhh. I’m about to cry again so I better stop there. So proud of all my beautiful sisters!

There have also been some valleys that have been so low.

A dear member of our extended family went to be with the Lord. She was a beautiful person whose death has left a hole in our hearts. Please pray for the repose of her soul.

Then Mother’s Day. At the Mother’s Day Mass, the choir sang a beautiful song about how the greatest gift a mother can give her children is faith. Despite my best efforts, a few words into the song the tears were racing down my cheeks.

The day came and went, but I could not shake the heartache stirred up by Mother’s Day. I’m honestly still working on it. I usually do a decent job of keeping it together in the face of infertility. I’ve had a long time to grieve and cope, but Mother’s Day has a way of giving me a restless heart.

I’m emotionally spent after the ups and downs of May, but grateful for every precious moment I’ve been given.

“In everything give thanks.” (1 Thess. 5:18)

What has life looked like for you lately?

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  1. Mary Mary

    I love you so much Adri. Your writing makes me feel closer to you despite the distance. ((((Hugs)))))

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