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What’s up Wednesday 5.31

On the last Wednesday of every month, Mel, Sheaffer, and Shay do a link up answering the questions below. I decided to join in this month.

What we’re eating this week

I don’t have any special meals planned. I didn’t create a meal plan at all this week! ? I’ll blame it on the holiday. So far we’ve been defaulting to salads with grilled chicken, so naturally I’ve been dreaming about chocolate chip cookies.

What I’m reminiscing about

Maui. Take meeee baaaack! It’s probably too soon to be reminiscing, but I’ve had these memories playing on repeat since we got back. So peaceful and relaxing! ?

What I’m loving

I don’t normally like jean shorts, but these shorts I picked up at Target are fabulous. The perfect combo: $19.99, comfortable, and long enough. They’re so stretchy; they might as well be yoga pants. They’re quickly becoming part of my warm weather weekend uniform.

What we’ve been up to

We took a quick trip to visit my side of the family this weekend in Indiana, just in time to get in on all of the Indy 500 race day fun. My sister and her husband hosted a cookout for my Stepdad’s birthday/race day. Loved every minute we got to spend with them.

Playing bocce ball
They drew the top 3 drivers in our pool and were waiting anxiously for the results.
The winners. The family that bets together…

What I’m dreading

I’m happy to report, I can’t think of anything I’m dreading. ?

What I’m working on

We upgraded our mattress from a queen to a king almost a year ago. Since then I’ve been searching for a headboard. I’m taking my time and being picky, and my husband has more opinions than I thought he would about what he likes/dislikes.

One of the frames I’ve been eyeing, but can’t decide if it coordinates well enough with our existing furniture.

Also every other month I’m questioning whether or not a headboard is really necessary or if maybe it’s excessive. It’s been a journey friends. If you could pick any headboard/bed frame, what would yours look like?

What I’m excited about

The warm weather! I’ve been taking more walks and can’t wait to go on some bike riding adventures while it’s nice out.

What I’m watching/reading

I’m in the middle of two books right now.

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens has been a bit depressing because it deals with tough topics like: murder, rape, disability, mental illness, challenging family dynamics, poverty, etc. That being said, I’m super into it and can hardly wait to find out how it ends. We started listening to it as an audiobook on a road trip and it’s killing me not to finish it because I’m waiting on the next time my husband and I are both in the car.

This book by one of my favorite Catholic radio hosts/bloggers was part of my Mother’s Day gift from one of my sweet godsons/nephews. I’m only a few chapters in so far, but enjoying it immensely. It’s crazy how fear often hides behind other emotions.

What I’m listening to

The last few weeks I’ve been listening to the archives of the Among the Lilies podcast by Cameron Fradd. Cameron’s personality is endearing and her guests are so open and honest, even when sharing about touchy topics.

The website describes the podcast like this:

“If you’re a lady who is tired of pretending and ready to be real, I suspect it will be right up your alley. I started the podcast because, quite frankly, I couldn’t find one out there like it. I wanted a podcast that was real. Really real. Not one where women complain about what a bad wife they are for not mopping the floor that day. Right!!? Someone slap that woman. And then point her to this podcast.”

??  People who legitimately feel bad about not mopping do not get my life, but this podcast does. Check it out!

What I’m wearing

My friend Maria became a consultant for Christian Bling, so I attended her recent launch party. I ordered these earrings (called “Dusk” if you like them enough to order some), and I’m pretty sure they’ll be a staple in my wardrobe going forward. In addition to being cute, they’re light weight considering the size and don’t irritate my sensitive skin.

What I’m doing this weekend

Friday I’m headed to a pottery painting place with a girlfriend and of course we have Mass on Saturday or Sunday. Otherwise I’ll be home hard at work on a top secret project. I’ll tell you what it is next month!

What I’m looking forward to next month

A special day in June will be the 14th anniversary of the day I met my husband at our summer internship in college. (Yes, I keep track of all the anniversaries!) I couldn’t have imagined then that we would be where we are now! If you’ve never read our love story, check it out here. (Fair warning, I haven’t written part 4 yet…)

What else is new

I’ve kept a plant alive for almost 2 weeks.

This is a big deal considering my history with plants. I’ve been looking around for my trophy. ?


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